The Earliest Inhabitants of Britain, The Celts | British History

The Celts
Refers to a group of Indo European people or tribes who occupied the North Western areas of Germany and Netherlands.
They pushed the Iberians aside and established themselves in those areas which were once tamed and developed by the Iberians.
The first group of Celtic invaders belonged to the Gaelic or Goidelic tribes
The second were the Brythons who came from the southern region of Western Europe.
Some invaded France, while some settled in Spain and another group managed to cross the sea and came to the British Isles.

At first, they settled in the land of Kent and on the banks of River Thames.
These Brythons came in clusters.
Over the years, their predecessors, the Goidels were driven to the remote areas of the North and West.
The Brythons came in large numbers, occupied large areas of land and it came to be known as ' the land of Brythons'
And with the passage of time, Brython came to be called as ' Britons' and the land was known as Britain.
The last lines of Celts who came to Britain were the tribes of Belgae, who occupied the land from 100 BC
Britain was in their hands when the Romans arrived in 55 BC
Characteristic features
They were tall, light haired warriors, 
Skilled in the use of iron
They were tribesmen or clansmen who were ready to serve the tribe and obey the orders of their tribal chief.
Major occupation was agriculture
Led a nomadic life
They were skilled craftsmen in gold and other metals.
They spent much time in brawls and battles between tribes and clans.
Most advanced regions of Celtic Civilization ie the South and Southeast were best grainlands , pastures and sources of iron.
Established ports, facilitated shipping, which made communication easy.
Traders from the Mediterranean visited the land which was rich source of metals like tin.
The last tribe Belgae maintained cordial relations with their kinsmen ( brethren) who lived in North Gaul.
The Celts had a gold coinage of their own.

They believed that there is divinity in all objects, for them rivers, springs, forests, mountains etc were Gods..

The concept of elves, fairies, pixies, goblins etc emerged from this beliefs.





Characters like Puck, Ariel, Titania, Obron etc are some characters of Shakespeare whose origin can be traced back to these beliefs.

Puck from A Midsummer night's dream

Oberon from A Midsummer night's dream
Ariel from The Tempest

English practices like Maypole, MayQueen, Halloween etc can be traced back to these beliefs.

There was an all powerful priesthood and the priests were called Druids.
They were powerful dispensers of justice.