MG University English Common Course Issues that Matter Model Question paper

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Second Semester
(Common for all UG programmes)
Maximum Marks: 80                Time: 3 Hours

                           Part A
        Answer any ten questions.
     Each question carries 2 marks.

1. Why does Oe say that what happened in Hiroshima after the A-bomb was not horrible?
2. Why does the husband, in the story War, feel that his wife deserves the pity of the fellow passengers?
3. How do the young one's die according to the stoic traveller in the short story War?
4. What according to Toni Morrison are the two human responses to the perception of chaos?
5. Where do we locate the writer in the poem who rushes to his desk " to write fierce letters to the morons in power"?
6. In the story A Trip Westward where did the author's mother live?
7. "My mother had never gone to school, and though she meant always to give up her own customs for such of the
Whiteman's ways as pleased her, she made only compromises." Explain the context.
8. Why does Arenla feel that weaving is a better craft to learn than pot making?
9. Why does the poet call the roots 'the strength of the tree'?
10. What did the mysterious bird reveal to Hagar?
11. What is the difference between refugees and other immigrants and ethnic minorities?
12. What does the speaker in the poem "Refugee Blues" say about his passport?

                                Part B
           Answer any six questions.
         Each question carries 5 marks.

13. In the poem "The Old Prison" why is the song of the waves 'bitter'?
14. Reflect on the sarcasm in the passengers' discussions about paternal love in the story War.
15. How was Juan able to join the Censorship Bureau?
16. What was Grandpa Yetalya's attitude to Bapu Patil's humiliating ways?
17. Comment on the reactions of Grandma when Grandpa Yetalya throws away the crumbs.
18. What did Sentila experience while making pots after Arenla left her alone in the shed?
19. What are the responses of the alarmists and anti-alarmists to the fossil records available?
20. Why does the poet in the poem "On Killing a Tree" say that it takes much time to kill a tree?
21. "When I was born my mother said you are a refugee./Our tent on the roadside smoked in the snow./On your forehead
between your eyebrows there is an R embossed my teacher said." Describe the life world depicted in the given lines.
                                Part C

  Answer any two questions.
       Each question carries 15 marks.

22. Justify the title of the essay The Unsurrendered People.
23. Describe how Rushdie puts forward an effective proposition against censorship using comparisons and literary
24. Does the preservation of biodiversity really matter? Substantiate your views on the basis of the arguments raised by
various prominent alarmists and anti-alarmists.
25. Comment on the repeated use of 'a hostile time' as a trope of human pathos and irony in highlighting the lives caught
in the Israel-Palestine conflict.


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