A review of Fine Tune Your English : Chapter 4, The Adverb Clause

Chapter 4
The Adverb Clause

If you are asked to define what an  adverb clause is , one can  simply give an answer “ clauses that function like adverbs are called Adverb clauses.”
Now let us consider the functions of an adverb.
An adverb can:

( a) modify a verb
(b) modify an adjective
© modify another adverb
(d) it can tell ‘why’’ how’’ when’’ where’ an action occurred
(e) it can even determine the degree / magnitude and the manner in which  an action occurred

keeping in mind the functions of an adverb let us come back to adverb clauses.

There are different types of adverb clauses

Adverb clause of Place.
it is introduced by subordinators like” where”,”wherever” etc
example:  where the accident occurred,the Shepherd boy was tending his sheeps.
From the area underlined, we get precise details of the place where exactly the action occurred.

Adverb clause of Reason

it is introduced by conjunctions like” as”” since” “because” etc. Sometimes it can also be introduced by the subordinator “now that” 
example: I forgive you since you repent
I do it because I choose to
In the first sentence the underlined area gives the precise reason of an action that has happened.

Adverb Clause of Time/Temporal clauses

It is  introduced by subordinators like “ when” “while”,”before”,” after “, “till”,” as long as”, “as sooner” etc.
ex: while it was wandering in the field donkey happened to fall into a well .
here the portion underlined gives us clear idea of the time an action occurred.

Adverb clause of  purpose

It is  introduced by subordinators like “so that” “ in order that” etc
example : she moved to her hometown so that she could be with her people.
here you can get a clear answer to the question for what purpose did she move to her hometown? so that she could be with her people.

Adverb clause of concession 
Adverb clause of concession is introduced by subordinators like though, although while  whereas  if as etc
ex: Though the train started late it reached the destination on time.

Adverb clause of Comparison
An adverb clause of comparison is further divided into (a)Adverb clause of manner:
It is introduced with subordinators like:” as” “as if”,” like” etc.
ex: she wept as if her heart would break

(b)Adverb clause of degree
It was introduced by subordinators” as” “than” etc

ex: He is as stupid as she is proud.

Joseph , Mathew. Fine Tune your English. Orient Blackswan pvt. Ltd. 2010. print. 


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