A Review of Fine Tune Your English: Chapter 3, The Noun Clauses

Chapter 3
The Noun Clauses
       A clause is a unit of grammatical organisation next below the sentence in rank and in traditional grammar said to  consist of a Subject and a predicate.

What is an Independent clause ?
       An independent clause can express a complete thought. So it is also called as standalone sentence
Ex. Sheela ate an apple after she watched the movie.
Consider the part underlined.” Sheela ate an apple”. considering it alone can give a sense of completeness.It represents a complete action or thought.So it is the independent clause here.

What is a dependent clause ?
A dependent Clause is usually a supporting part of a sentence and it cannot stand by itself as a meaningful idea .
for ex. Sheela ate an apple after She watched the movie .
Now let us consider the second part .” after she watched the movie”. Here this is just a supporting part, subordinated to the independent clause. It cannot express a meaningful idea when considered alone.

What is clause analysis?
    Clause analysis is the procedure of dividing sentences into main and dependent clauses. There are three types of dependent Clauses.

A clause that performs the function of a noun is a  noun clause.
A clause that functions like adverbs is called adverb clauses.
A clause that performs an adjectival function is called adjective clause or relative clause.

Noun Clauses
clauses  that perform the duty of a noun are called a noun clauses.
Noun clause can be used as :
i) the subject of a sentence
ex. How this bloody sequence will end is anybody's guess.
ii) a noun clause can be used as the object of a verb
ex. you must remember that you are not children.
iii) it can be used as complements of subject as well as object.
ex. Sancho panza was a barber before he turned a follower of Don Quixote.(subject complement. Both barber and follower complements the subject Sancho Panza)
I consider John, my mentor(object complement. mentor complements John).
iv) a noun clause can be used as an  appositive. The function of an appositive is to describe the subject and thereby used in the same way as a subject or it is a word or phrase that follows another phrase and refer to it.
ex. My father, a retired teacher, spends his time reading and writing.(here my father is the subject. here my father is also referred as a retired teacher. therefore,the phrase retired teacher functions as an an alternative subject. so , the phrase, retired teacher is the appositive in this sentence.)

Summing Up
A noun clause can be used in most of the ways a noun can be used. It can act as :
  1. subject of a sentence
  2. object of a verb
  3. complements of subject and object.
  4. appositive clause.

What is a clause?
What is a noun clause?. Give example
what are the functions of a noun clause?
What is an appositive?

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