Kerala University Fifth Semester  M A English literature and language literary theory and criticism paper previous questions/ Kerala psc HSA HSST SET UGC NET questions/ MG university Literary criticism Essays Set 2

Kerala University M A English literature and language 5th semester literary theory and criticism previous question papers set 3

Answer in about 300 words
Each question carries 15 marks each

1) Critically examine Aristotle's notion of tragedy and its relevance to the present.

2) Comment on Rene Welleck pluralistic approach as seen in “literary theory criticism and history”.

3)How does TS Eliot relate tradition to individual talent in the writer?

4)Attempt an assessment of Elaine showalter as a feminist critic

5) Consider Cleanth Brooks essay the primacy of the reader as a critique of poststructuralist criticism

6) In what sense does Raymond Williams concept of realism different from conventional notions of literary realism? discuss with reference to the essay by Williams that you have studied.

7)Discuss the New critical attitude to the role of The Reader in the production of literature as cleanth Brook sees it

8) Give an account of the salient features of the feminist poetics that Showalter tries to theorise in her essay.

9) Making reference to the essay by Lionel trilling that you have studied discuss how Sigmund freud's ideas become important in the understanding of literature

10) Poetics as a critical document.

11) What according to Edward said orientalism stands for?

12) What is the relevance of feminist theory?

13) Do you consider Sigmund Freud ideas are relevant on literature?

14) Discuss briefly the various approaches analysed by HG Widdowson in his essay stylistics

15) Attempt a Critique of Raymond Williams essay Realism and contemporary novel.

16) What are the theoretical movements that VS Sethuraman identifies in his introduction?

17) Account of Derrida's deconstruction theory and its relevance in the literary theory

18)Do you think that Marxist theory has relevance in present a literary theory and criticism