Kerala University Fifth Semester  M A English literature and language literary theory and criticism paper previous questions/ Kerala psc HSA HSST SET UGC NET questions/ MG university Literary criticism short notes

Kerala University Fifth Semester  M A English literature and language literary theory and criticism paper previous questions

Answer in about 50 words. Each question carries 2 marks each.

1)Aristotle's concept and of mimesis
2)Binary opposition
3)Distinguish between metaphor and metonymy
4)TS Eliot's analogy    of the catalyst

5)Bakhtin's notion of heteroglossia
6)Booths Idea of implied author.
7)Edward Said on contrapuntal reading.
8)Elaine showalter's female phase in women's writing
9)Relation between literary criticism and literary theory
10) Russian formalists concept of the defamiliarization.
11)Rene welleck  definition of new criticism against the charge of historicism
12)Raymond Williams conceptions of different varieties of realism
13)Connection between Freud and the romanticist tradition in the perception of Lionel trilling.
14)Role of plot in aristotle's theory of art
15)In what sense does the Frankfurt School approach constitute at distinct method of cultural analysis?
16)Eliot's conception of tradition
17)Focus of new criticism
18)Concept of Russian Formalism
19)Aristotle's theory of poetics
20)The contribution of Frankfurt School
21)Relevance of Marxist theory in  Literature
22) Structuralism
23)Aristotle's definition of tragedy
24)Booth's notion of showing
26)Socialist realism
27)Edward said's notion of orientalism
28)Frankfurt school's attitude towards realism
29)New historicism
30)Three Types of Criticism by cleanth Brooks
31)Ambiguities by William Empson
33)Social documentary novels by Raymond Williams
34)Rene welleks  intellectual cognition
35)Gynocriticism foregrounding
36)Eliot's notion of historical sense
37)Principles of literature
38)Russian Formalism
39)Varieties of realism according to Raymond Williams
40)Nature of imitation in comedy according to Aristotle
41)Which thinkers does Derrida means as having inaugurated  deconstructive discourse?
42)Who stated that "the last is a career" what does this mean?
44)Which critics' does sethuraman categorises as critics of consciousness?
45)Lionel Trilling's mithridatic function
46)Widdowson stylistics
47)Central program of gynocritics
48)Lacan's observation of metaphor