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Australian Loanwords in English
     A large number of words entered into English vocabulary from Australian aboriginal vocabulary . These words of Australian aboriginal origin include some that are  universal in the english-speaking world ,such as  Kangaroo and Boomerang . Many such words have also become loaned words in other languages beyond english, while some are restricted to Australian English.
    Australian English,a major  variety of the English language used throughout Australia, began to diverge from British English mainly after  founding of the colony of New South Wales in 1788.  The earliest form of Australian English first spoken by the children of the colonists born into the  Colony of New South Wales
. The Australian born children in the new colony post were exposed to a wide range of dialects from all over the British Isles, in particular  from Ireland and South East England.  They created the new dialect  from the speech they  heard around them.  The Australian Gold Rush of the 1850 caused a large wave of immigration and about two percentage of the UK population emigrated to the colonies of New South Wales .According to the linguist Bruce Moore, “ the major input of the various sounds that went into the constructing of the Australian accent was from South East England”.
    It becomes apparent that some elements of aboriginal languages have been adopted by Australian English mainly in the names of places and local culture . some words like Kangaroo ,Boomerang, budgerigar, wallaby and so on have become international. Other examples are cooee and hard yakka. The former is used as a high-pitched call, for attracting attention, (pronounced /kʉː.iː/) which travels long distances. Cooee is also a notional distance: if he's within cooee, we'll spot him. Hard yakka means hard work and is derived from yakka .During the nineteenth century, a large number of words were introduced  into North American English . These words include bushwhacker, squarter etc. In addition to this, a large number of words in Australian English have different meanings to those ascribed in other varieties of English.  Clothing  related examples are notable. pants in Australian English refers to  british English trousers. Prang in Australian English means accident in British English . Booze in Australian English means alcohol in British English. amber in Australian English means Beer in British English . Bushranger in Australian English means criminal in British English . Chook  in Australian English means chicken and British English.  Neddies in a Australian English means horses in British English . A Dill or drongo means idiot in British English. The phrase  she  is apple means it is fine in British English . back of bourke  means middle of Nowhere in British English.  Earbrush in the Australian English means non stop talking In British English. Mozzie in Australian English means Mosquito in British English . Digger in Australian English means soldier  in British English . Bathers in Australian English means swimsuit in British English. Jackaroo in Australian English means a trainee on the cattle field in British English.  Mortician in Australian English means  undertaker in British  english.  billabong in Australian English means waterhole in British English.
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