UGC NET Coaching Module I: Post colonial criticism Set 2


1) Who is the author of The Invisible Man?
-   Ralph Ellison

2) who wrote  The Cultural Critique?
-Abdul R Jan Mohamed

3) Whose work is The Language of Blackness?
- Henry Louis Gates

4) who penned the works The Signifying Monkey(1988) and Figures in Black: Words Signs and the Social Self(1987)?
- Henry Louis Gates

5) Who wrote The Colonizer and the Colonized?
- Albert Memi

6) who wrote The Location of Culture?
- Homi K Bhabha

7) Who wrote Post Colonial Liberalism?
  - Duncan Ivison

8) who discussed and distinguished the common three types of Stereotypes of African natives presented in writings by British writers?
- M Daphn Kutzer

9) which book of Marina Warner is considered as the rewriting of Shakespeare's The Tempest?
- Indigo(1992)

10)" The colonizer is a snake in the grass who speaks in a tongue that is forked and produces a mimetic representation".  who said this?
- Homi K Bhabha in Of Mimicry and Men