UGC CBSE NET/ SET Kerala keralapsc PSC lecturer in English syllabus previous questions module IV: communication set 2

1) Bombay TV Centre was inaugurated in - 1972

2) who is known as the father of Indian language for journalism in India?
- Ram Mohan Roy

3) An interview is a type of ?
- dyadic communication

4) In which year censorship was introduced on Indian press?
- 1795

5) when was the first press  ordnance issued   in India?
- 1823

6) induction approach in teaching means?
- arriving at generalisation with the help of examples

7) Doordarshan started its 5 Metro channels in the year ?
- 1994

8) which project will connect all police Stations in the country in the network ?

9) which is not a component of listening? ---


10) listening to a lecture is called? -
-informational listening

11) the most important aspect of a channel is?
- ripples

12) anything which is used as a status symbol is?
- object communication

13) the MMS is an example of?
- audio visual media

14) Education TV was first introduced in India in the year ?

15) when was the TV service at Delhi Kendra inaugurated?
- September 1959

16) the conditional access system (CAS) allows the view viewers to?
- select TV channels of their choice

17) which special train will be spreading awareness about various scientific and technological achievements of the country?
- Science and Technology rail

18) which is the feedback in the newspapers communication?
- letters to the editor

19)" communication is an  exchange of facts ideas opinion or emotions by two or more persons who said this?
- Newman and summer

20) The communication that deals with the relationship between the organisation and its employees within the organisation is known as?
- Internal communication.