1) Who is known as the father of Indian cinema?
Dada Saheb Phalke

2) Informal communication network within the organisation is known as?
Grapevine communication

3) Microphone is a hi-fi instrument. Here Fi means?

4) which is the method used in receiving information in a market based feedback system?
a) audience decision making
b) media review
c) direct feedback
d) all of these
ans: (d)

5) The competency of an effective communicator can be judged on the basis of:
a) personality of communicator
b) meeting the need of target audience
c) Experience in the field
d) Interactivity with the target audience
Ans: (b)

6) "cultivation of dominant image patterns " was similar to his mass communication theory. He is:
- Maxwell Mc Combs

7) which of the following do not provide entertainment to the targeted audience?
a) Leaflets
b)TV programs
d)Newspaper features
ans. TV programs

8)The sentence that the speaker decides to communicate to the listner is:
ans. d)

9)Which of the following is not a type of cue in communication?
a)object cue
b)sensory cue
c)speech cue
d)touch cue
ans. c) 

10) the aims and objectives of feedback in a communication system is:
a)detect the limitations of the receiver
b)identify the defects of the communicator
c)understand more about the content
d)make necessary modifications in the communication process

11) Name the committee that aut authorised Doordarshan for concentrating on the north so its program centre
- Joshi committee

12) name the person who differentiated between Hot and Cold messages
- Marshall mcluhan

13) who enforced the Vernacular Press Act
- Lord lytton

14) when was the first English newspaper Bengal gazette published?
- 1780 AD

15) in which place in India was the highest air station set up in 1971?
- leh

16) speaker- speech- audience are the elements of who's model of communication?
- Aristotle

17) in how many states of India what's the satellite institutional television experiment programme launched?
- six

18) the effective means in educational instrument is:
a) blackboard writing
b) audio visual means
c) audio means
d) visible means
Ans: visible means

19) which of the following helps a learner best to consolidate knowledge in the cognitive structure?
a) closely attending to what Teacher Tells b)depending on a number of Guide books c)reading more and more library books d)explain the subject matters to others
ans. c

20) who said "mass media are primarily moulders of society as well as reflectors of it"?
a) Harold Lasswell
b)Denis Mac Quail
c) George gerbner
d) wilbur schramm
ans: b)

21) in which language was Amrita Bazar Patrika first published before changing over to English language?
- Bangla

22) what is the meaning of circulation in the parlance of the print media?
- number of copies sold

23)  in which year  the Bombay and Calcutta stations  were inaugurated by Indian Broadcasting Company?
- 1927

24) who classified the theories of the basis of world's National media systems?
- Siebert et. al

25) who developed the first paper for the human beings?
- the Chinese

26) in which year was the channel yuvavani started in Delhi ?

27) when was the first printing press established in India?
- 1674

28) world's first Sky bus station was inaugurated at?
- Madgaon Goa

29) independent variable and dependent variable are applicable to which method used by communication researcher?
-experimental method

30) The Times of India came into being with the amalgamation of which newspapers?
- the Bombay times and the courier

31) what is interpersonal communication)
- talking to oneself

32) who introduced the concept of noise  in his model of communication ?
- Cland Shannon and Warren weaves

33) the main objective of public broadcasting system Prasar Bharati is?
-inform entertainment and education

34) the most powerful barrier of communication in the classroom is? -
-confusion on the part of the teacher

35) SITE stands for?
- satellite instructional television experiment