1) who is associated with Identity crisis?
-  Erikson
2) Synetics is developed for__________?
-  Creativity
3) EQ is the  contribution made by________?
-Daniel Goleman
4) SQ is the contribution made by_________
- Ian Marshall
5)IQ is the contribution made by___________
- William Stern
6) Pondicherry University was founded by_________
- Sri Aurobindo

7) who coined the term cultural lag?
-William Ogburn
8)who is the author of Emotional Intelligence(1995)?
-Daniel Goleman
9)According to Gestalt psychologists, learning involves___________
- Insight Learning
10)The Two Factor theory is related to_________
- Intelligence
11) A research that is carried out to solve an immediate problem is called___________
- Action Research
12) Name the branch of philosophy that deals with study of nature of value and valuation.
- Axiology.
13) The term 'social efficiency' is related to ______________
- Pragmatism
14) Who is called as the father of Educational sociology?
- George Payne
15)  An assessment during the instructional phase to inform the teacher about the progress in learning is___________
- Formative Evaluation
16) what is dyslexia?
- it is the difficulty in reading
17) IGNOU was founded in ________
18) In which state was India's first Open University established?
- Andhra Pradesh
19) what is Dynamic learning?
- It is the process of learning through activities
20)who formulated Ecological Systems theory?
- Bronfen Brenner