What is the Use of Reading Critically a Text?

    If you are an intelligent reader,  it seems to be inevitable that you should develop the culture of reading critically a text, in acadenic reading. Critical reading involves identifying and differentiating facts, opinions and arguments in the text. Once you have identified these, you should verify and test the validity in relation to your own knowledge and perspective and if found necessary, prepare counter arguments. Inorder to read critically, you need to follow some simple steps.
1) Read the text more than once for arriving at the true meaning of the text.

2) Understand the main points in an argument.
3)  Take down notes. Divide them into main points and sub-points.
4) Now, try to arrive at your own viewpoints and relate it with the text.
5) Close Reading is recommended;  read it more than once and explore each and every nuances of the text, following the argument of the author.
6) Now read it once again. Identify loopholes in the author's argument.
7) Now you can express your agreement as well as disagreement, but dont forget to substantiate them.
Use of Critical Reading
     some of the uses of critical reading are:
1) you can exercise your judgement
2) you can make your own interpretations.
3) arrive at your own rational pronouncements
4) Analyse and undermine the argument presented by the author.
5) you can inculcate the habit of making counter arguments.