What are the factors that helps us in predicting while reading ?

What is Predicting?
        Predicting is an act of fortelling something that may happen next or in future. There are different types of predicting.In Comprehensive reading, it is a reading comprehension strategy that readers employ inorder to anticipate or decipher what comes next based on  the given clues from the text and by using their previous knowledge.
    Here the  readers make use of  information from the  text and their own personal experiences to foretell what comes next.
Thus a reader who is  making predictions  focuses on the text , almost thinking ahead ,refining, revising, reconsidering, evaluating and verifying his/her predictions. Prediction strategy  also helps students to relate  their prior knowledge with the text.
Factors that Helps us to Make Predictions while Reading
     Making predictions while reading is similar to making predictions while watching a movie.The most important factor that helps a reader to make his or her prediction is the information that he or she obtains from the primary material.ie. the text itself. Of course there are other factors too. Let us discuss  one by one in detail.
1) Text
          The text is a self-contained whole. So it is a rich resource which the readers can exploit  to the fullest. Readers normally gathers the cues from the primary material inorder to decipher meaning and to predict what may happen in the next minute.
2) Title
           Title is a very important factor that helps us to make predictions. Just as we predict or guess the events in a movie from its title, we guess a lot from the title of a book. The title is in fact the representation of the theme of the text.
3) Headings and Chapter titles
          Headings and titles of chapters can also contribute a lot to our prediction. We can relate it with the events and fortell what is going to happen next.
4) Pictures and diagrams
           The pictures and diagrams are indications of what is within the text. They are expressions of the events.
5) Blurb or cover page
         Just as we decipher a lot from the poster of a blockbuster, we make predictions from the blurb of a book, while reading it
6) Previous knowledge.
        A reader's prior knowledge can be used as an effective tool for making predictions while reading a text. One can relate, evaluate and reconsider prior knowledge with the text and thereby make predictions.
7) Reviews and Opinions
          You may seek other's opinions or read reviews before booking a ticket for a show. Here also things are not different. You may reconsider reviews and opinions on the text while making predictions.
8)  Structure
          Structure imparts meaning to the text, to a great extend. An intelligent reader can make use of the structure of a text for making predictions
9) Personal Experiences
          One can also derive food for their prediction strategy from one's personal experiences. One can easily predict how a character may respond or act in the next minute, under the given circumstances, by relating it with their personal experiences( only if they had similar circumstances and experiences).