Theme in Hotel Du Lac


Hotel Du Lac that won her the Booker Prize in 1984 is the most original work of Anita Brookner. The novel unfolds the story of a romantic novelist, Edith Hope , who comes to stay at a Swiss hotel.
Edith reviews the circumstances that led to her retreat to the solitude in the hotel. Staying there, Edith writes to her lover David Simmons, many of the events of the past. The novel is also a psychopathic study of isolation.

Edith as an unreliable narrator in Hotel Du Lac

     It is the story of a simple woman, Edith Hope, a thirty nine year old; meek, shy and intelligent lady,  who in a crisis is forced to spent her , days alone at Swiss Hotel. She narrates the story from her own perspective, although she switches to an omniscient narrator to describe a few select part of the story. The reader is provided with her innermost feelings and thoughts in order to get a true sense of what she experiences in every single event narrated in the story