'The Last Return' By Sreelekshmi

The Last Return

One day we met.
It was an unexpected meeting,
At first i wanted to squeal.
The rushing  waves of  an unforseen lurch,
Made its first surf on my fractured thoughts.
But soon i felt immense joy within.
I saw cherubins  amidst the  silvery clouds ,
Wearing stars on their forehead.
A joyous dawn of  warm fuzzies peeped in,
For you took away a gehenna ,
Blessed us with  a heaven in turn
And disappeared into the mist, unruffled.
 I started  forgetting you.
But  your abrupt return turned nightmarish once again.
The second coming was bitter
 you called us back from the Elysian fields.
and stamped us down into the flames of hades.
I saw your red face, the lolling tongue, 
The gleaming eyes,
the most cruel guest;
Quit-! , i screamed.
But you stood  as hard as a rock ,
Unchanged and unaffected.
The wry smile on your countenance
Lingered to take something more.
But, slowly you sank into the delves of silence.
But, Like a whirlwind of despair ,
you beat  me  down once again.
This time, you took my love away.
Then i wept and wept
And slept  knackered ,
In the arms of  the gloomy night.
I opened my eyes into a  dazed dawn.
Soothing words and coaxing eyes enveloped me slowly.
With a sudden zeal i began to search you
But you were gone  .
"He will not return!
Lets pray that he shall not"".
voices of  consolation embalmed me.
I started living again
With the fear of your return within me.
Every night i dreamt yout return
But woke up with a painful relief.
Time flew away.
Autum ,with her viewless hues
Gifted me with a new lyre;
Music , like a gentle Zephyrus ,
flowed, and filled my life,
With fragrance sweet as heavens.
And again you faded melted away.

Amidst the rustles, 
And beyond the cycles of birth
once i harked a song, sweet.
Days and nights,
Hills and dales,
I harked and followed that ditty,
Finally, to see my nightingale singing alone.
Together ,we sang Songs sweet and sour;
Along the plains of Love.
Together ,we wandered like the wings of cupid
In the  charming garden of eden.
And Oft we slept in each other's hands,
Tired of kissing passionately.
And slowly you faded away from my dreams.
But  this time when i  opened my eyes,
I saw the same wry smile, 
the  same frightening face , 
Which i buried long ago,
In the delves of my psyche .
You have come again.
Only to take my peace away
This time you took from me,
The womb that gave me birth.
I became alone,
Solo amidst the crowd.
And you whispered into my ears
"Sleep well my dear,I wont come again."
And youdisappeared into the fog.

Time flew again.
Winter ,with her frozen wings
Gave me sorrows infernal.
The burdens of life ,
Knocked me down again.
Seasons , with pitiless smiles over their faces,
passed away like episodes .
And the erosion  which i felt under me, 
pulled me down to the sloughs of  agony. 

No more can i strive,
No more can i probe,
My wings have
My vision has glimmered;
My nightingale has vanished
And my lyre is broken.

The most cruel guest,
Where are you?
I wish you were back once again
Only to take me and my broken lyre
Away to the eternal plains , 
Ghosts loiter like clouds over the sky.
Now i wish your last return;
Wont you come again?
                                                                                                 -----Copyright 2014 Sreelekshmi