'My Love' By Sreelekshmi

My Love

Flowers bear your sweet smile
In the garden of our Celestial love
Where the butterflies flutter
And the nightingale sings
Melodies sweet as heavenly showers.
There lies dormant on Nature's bower
Our sweet secret unexplored. 

Oh my sweetest love.
From Jove should i borrow
A drop of his love for Leda
To adore u to the fullest
For i am now an empty hull where all my love is spent loving u..
Oh my ever enduring sky,
I wish to fly as a Lark in U.
Oh my ever enthralling sea,
I wish to swim as a fish in U

This night is calm ,
But my soul is not..
This embalming darkness -
Instills thoughts sweet and sad.
Far away u sail ,
Like a tumbling vessel in storm..
Oh this separation is hard ;
But this should go on
For the sweet reunion of our love .
                                                                                                 -----Copyright 2014 Sreelekshmi