'My Blissful Years' By Sreelekshmi

 My Blissful Years...

Sweet were those fragrant years,
Those blissful childhood years of mine;
I shone like a twinkling star;
In the sky of my celestial home.
I spotted your face in the gilded clouds,
And felt your smell in the scented flowers.
I breathed You in, You gentle breeze;
And made You flow in the caverns of my mind.

   Blessed were those days,my childhood days;
And all i saved was that angelic innocence,
That made me hop like a little lamb.
But all my boons were lost in a dream,

That left my heart stained with sin.

Those scales of childhood were casted off,
And the vision of God was lost for ever;
Oh! sweet was to taste the dew of infancy
which shrank into the shell of remnisence.
Never ever shall it pay a visit,
To my soul stained with sins of life.
Now all i have is a broken self;
Yearning to skip the cycle of birth,
waiting for your feathery touch;
And lull it to the eternal sleep
                                                                                                 -----Copyright 2014 Sreelekshmi